Quilted Door Covering

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Katie made this quilt for a girlfriend who owns a spa. I believe it is going to be used to cover a door at the spa – an unusual treatment for a door – and I love it! The cream and white fabrics are so subtle and calming.  The quilting treats the entire quilt as one whole unit and I think the stitching really flows. It could have been quilted using the space separation of the blocks, but that’s just so….traditional! So this quilt got a little bit of spice!

6 thoughts on “Quilted Door Covering

  1. Gayle Freeman says:

    Lisa, you get better and better with each quilt. Nothing but praise for this one and the last one you did for me. Lovely!


  2. Kathy says:

    Lisa, I love the delicate and circular design created by the end of the feather motif as it gently folds in on itself. Very calming – like a beautiful spiral drawing you inward. How perfect for a spa! Everyone who sees it will bask in the beauty~ YOU are an ARTIST!!!


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