Where Have I Been?

Good question! Not on my website, that’s for sure. I have finally figured it ALL out. I just need about four more hours a day and I could almost get everything done I want to do. And the funny thing is it’s all good stuff (well, if you leave out laundry and cleaning house). There is just so much fun stuff in my life right now between longarm quilting, Doug’s Nuts (uh? yep – the new company I’m helping to move forward), hiking with friends, rowing…and the list goes on.

I’ve actually been quilting, but thought I should post only those with new longarm patterns or new quilting tops so I don’t bore you all silly. This is another signature quilt and I thought it was really a nice idea. My customer Donna put names and words in the signature blocks. She used batik fabrics which really blend well. What a great gift!

So now you know I’m still out here and quilting! October is going to be a very busy month as I am pushing to get the quilts in my queue out the door back to their owners. Big things coming in November … more to come on that later.

Happy quilting!


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  1. I like that signature quilt! Love the batik pattern and of course, your quilting! You are always busy with fun stuff…keep it up! And, for the record, Doug’s Nuts are fabulous!!!


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