Rowing Quilt

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When I was still working at Piece by Piece fabrics, in walked a tall women wearing an Oregon Association of Rowers jacket. I didn’t recognize her, but of course had to find out who she was. And sure enough, she used to row with the OAR team! And she is a quilter! Just two of my favorite things! She said she was working on a rowing t-shirt quilt. Then one day she called me and asked me to quilt it for her…I was thrilled! Not only was it fun to see all the shirts and regattas she had been to over the years, I knew how much it meant to her. She rowed in college (which makes her a “real” rower!). So I quilted it up for her in my usual swirly-wirly-wavy way!

So if you have a bunch of t-shirts you’ve been thinking about putting together in a quilt….JUST DO IT! (Did I steal that from Nike?) Anyway, really…do it now. Then you will have this wonderful quilt that itself is full of memories to enjoy for years to come.

Happy quilting!


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  1. I’ve been looking for a fabric pattern with rowing elements in it. I would like to make a quilt for my daughter who is in love with rowing. Other than use t-shirts from events, I can’t find anything.


    1. A friend of mine bought a shirt for me with rowing fabric (not sure where he got it). Also you could go to and see if they had any rowing fabrics (or you can design your own and upload them to the site and have them printed!). And of course there is applique if you are so inclined to come up with some of your own rowing elements. Try Concept 2 website or perhaps row2k and see if anything comes up! Good luck!


  2. So fun to see the posting about my quilt! It was hanging in my work space at Sheldon High School during October, and it received many complements and questions, both on the design and the quilting. Lisa, we collaborate well together! Thank you quilting that enhanced the T shirts!


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