Anatomy of a Quilt Design – The Quilting

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Quilting: A coverlet or blanket made of two layers of fabric with a layer of cotton, wool, feathers, or down in between, all stitched firmly together, usually in a decorative crisscross design.

Well, that’s one definition. Uh, in my case I think you can leave out the “crisscross” design. Today’s designs go WAY beyond crisscross! Although a good crosshatch or curved crosshatch looks really nice, especially when it is tiny. But I digress….

This quilt is almost finished. The quilting is done. Just the binding remains. And the binding is done by hand so it looks really nice. It usually takes several hours to bind a quilt this size. It’s definitely not a speedy process. It’s hand-stitching all the way around. The binding is made (usually from one of the fabrics in the quilt) by cutting strips, sewing them together, then ironing them in half to create a “double french binding.” This is a very sturdy binding that will wear well. Then it is machine sewn on the front and hand stitched on the back for a really nice finished look.

So we’re almost there! It’s almost done. I know at least ONE of you out there is eagerly waiting….

Happy quilting! (or happy rowing if you happen to be a rower)

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