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How To Quilt Black Strips of Fabric

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Ah those little solid areas of fabric! I’ve come to love them! As you can see from the pictures, I can go a little crazy. Solid fabrics are a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with colorful, fun, curvy designs. I used a variegated thread that I knew would stand out from the fabric and also be able to hold its own with the scrappy, multi-colored strip sets that set them apart.

And how about that backing fabric? It is a quilt in itself. And I think the quilting is pretty fun on the back as well.  All in all a fabulous little quilt! Well done Gerry!

Happy Quilting!


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5 thoughts on “How To Quilt Black Strips of Fabric

  1. Beautiful quilt Gerry! And very intricate and perfectly executed machine quilting design Lisa~ I am inspired by the colors and imagination of you two.


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