Feathered Star

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A feathered star is a many splendid thing! There are probably so many ways to quilt it, but I thought this design might work. I used “ivory” colored thread so it would blend into the background.  I wanted the shape of the quilting to stand out so I also used two batts – polyester on top of Hobbs 80/20 to enhance the shadows. And then to get really daring I used monopoly to stitch around the star so it would pop out without showing the color of the thread.  And in the middle section of the star Wanda wanted the letter “P.” It’s subtle, but it’s there. Wanda did such a nice job on this feathered star, I wanted to enhance it with the stitching but not steal the show and hopefully that’s how it turned out.

Happy quilting!


8 Replies to “Feathered Star”

  1. That is a beautiful quilt and I love how you quilted it. I had a feeling I knew who made it the minute I saw it, and I was right! Wanda does do amazing work and is also awesome when it comes to helping a newbie quilter like me!!!


  2. This is a terrific way to finish the feathered star! A really nice embellishment without being overwhelming. I believe you accomplished your goal!! With the patriotoc colors, I wonder where it’s going next?


    1. I had fun coming up with a feeling of pizzazz without being too crazy and non-traditional. I think Wanda is going to hang it on a wall somewhere. She made three and I get to quilt all of them! Yeah!


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