Release the Kraken!

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Yes, that our little Mal. Her name is Willow (and we are still hoping she will grow into it – you know, be sweet and flexible and soft?!). She is 11 months old now and almost 65 lbs. A bundle of love, fur, and grrrrs. Yeah, we are working on the “grrrr” part. She is very “alpha” – the most alpha Malamute we’ve ever had, so that has been a challenge. But in her softer moments, she is amazing and smart and downright silly. She is the first Mal we’ve had that loves to play ball and catch things….oh, and doesn’t mind bathtime ??? And she is definitely the smartest Mal we’ve had, so next winter when she is old enough, we are going to teach her to pull a sled (or something besides us). So our new favorite saying with her is “Release the Kraken!” which of course is the Kraken from mythology…a giant water beast.

Let’s hope the Kraken can behave herself during my recovery!


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  1. It’s so much fun to see little Willow grow up through pictures! Maybe with all the “grrrrrs” she is just trying to say “You’re grrrrreat parents!”


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