The Size of Thread

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been confused about thread sizes, needle sizes, and the like. It seems like every industry has their own scale and bigger doesn’t always mean larger numbers. The folks at Superior Threads have solidified my understanding of thread sizes:

Have you wondered why thread gets thinner as the weight or thread size number gets larger?  It is confusing but there is a reason behind this system.  Here is a simple analogy to illustrate why:
The goal is to determine how much thread it takes to weigh one pound.
Thread A takes 20 miles to weigh a pound so it is labeled as 20 wt.
Thread B takes 40 miles to weight a pound and is labeled 40 wt.  It is a finer thread because it takes 40 miles to weigh one pound.
Thread C takes 60 miles to weigh a pound so it is even finer yet. 

If you haven’t used their thread, it might be worth a try. It’s really good! And their newsletter is quite funny. Check it out HERE.

Happy quilting!


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