Willow Turns One Year Old

Wow, did this year go by fast!

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Our little Willow – OK, not so little anymore weighing in at about 65 lbs – had her first birthday yesterday. She got to run around our property in the morning, nap, eat, play with her favorite buddy Sackett in the evening (her other best buddy Bella was otherwise engaged so we missed her) and then to top it off she had her first birthday cake. A doggie cake, of course. A nice little mixture of carrots, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, eggs, honey…frosted with yogurt. There were three little cakes, one for Willow, one for Sackett, and one for Bella. But since Bella wasn’t able to be there, Willow decided to eat her cake for her! There were candles involved, butwe helped her blow them out because just doesn’t hasn’t gotten the hang of blowing out through her mouth yet. However, I think if we could teach her to sneeze on command, that would do it.

Although we’ve had our ups and downs with Willow, she is now a solid member of our little pack. It is a joy having her in our lives and I can’t imagine it any other way. Her training will be on-going, and she will always be strong-willed, but when she flicks her ears and wags her tail, all is right in the world. And there is nothing better than the “woo woo” talk of a Malamute!


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  1. Hey Willow! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to join you for a good romp and some cake! I hope you had a great birthday party with Sackett – he’s a good buddy and I love making him chase me all around the field, but I’m sorry that he slimed you, you just have to get used to it 🙂 It’s part of his charm. See you for another play date soon. Love, Bella.


    1. Yo Bella! No worries girlfriend. I know you have a busy social calendar. My social life isn’t so busy right now with my mom being so sedentary, but she promised to take me walking as soon as she can. So we’ll have another play date soon! Oh – and I ate your cake since you weren’t there. Sorry.


  2. Happy Birthday Willow. So happy you had a fun day with extra cake. Poor Bella missed out. I’m happy for the whole family. Hugs, Teri


  3. Hi Lisa,
    Great pictures, especially Willow with her cake. I noticed that your practicing a new kind of crouch down position as you invite her to blow our her candles, nice.

    See you tomorrow.



  4. Happy Birthday, Willow. I had fun playing and running with you… and biting your neck! I love to bite the girl’s necks… it’s better than kissing! See ya around the neighborhood.


    1. dear sackett – my mom is helping me write this because I can’t use the computer so good. thanks for coming to my party. it was fun, but there seemed to be a cake shortage. i’ll talk to mom about that for next year. see ya for another play date soon. – Willow


    1. It indeed was! Sort of a last minute thing or I would have sent out invitations. Next year I’ll be better prepared and actually invite people!


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