New York Minute Again

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Another beautiful New York Minute. Pattern by Sheila Sinclair Synder. Quilt by Joyce W. Great fabric combinations. I used Sheila’s “Swoosh ‘n Swirl” meander over most of the quilt, and then did a little fun quilting in the off-white areas around the star to make it pop. Two colors of thread: Pink Heart and Ivory. I find that I really like the thread not to stand out in some cases, so it’s best to match the thread when possible to the fabric.

If you don’t have this pattern yet, you can order Sheila’s book from her website. It’s one of many fabulous projects you will want to make. And she might still even have New York Minute quilt kits left if you want the fabrics chosen for you (always a fun treat).

Happy quilting!


4 Replies to “New York Minute Again”

  1. Love it Joyce. I find this pattern so fun as it changes with the fabrics used. I love the texture you used Joyce.


  2. Great job you two! I really like the way the outer border almost looks like a checkerboard on point! Isn’t it great what fabrics will do? Love it!


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