Meringue Mushrooms

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Ah yes, ’tis the season. The season for mushrooms. Don’t these look like they were just picked? But no. No truffle hunting pigs in this house (or truffle sniffing dogs for that matter).

The inspiration came from Cocolat, a truffle and chocolate bakery that existed many years ago in the SF Bay Area. I used to work for them and I loved how the mushrooms looked and tasted. And they are really quite easy. If you don’t have this cookbook, and you love chocolate and desserts, you might want to think about getting this one. It’s an “oldy” but a goody.


8 Replies to “Meringue Mushrooms”

  1. The mushrooms look wonderful. I have the book, it lives here in LA and have made some of her great chocolate desserts YUMMMM.


    1. Yeah…another chocolate dessert lover! Cocolat was an interesting company to work for…too bad the company didn’t continue. Their quality was superb.


    1. Not this year. But I have in years past. Ah…don’t you just love those “years past?” He, he, he! Happy new year to you Kathy!


    1. Yeah, they do! But they surely don’t taste like it! Easy to make; give it a try one day. And if I don’t see you before then, happy new year!


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