Back To Work In January!

My surgery and recovery have gone well, and I’ll be back at my machine starting January 2nd! This has been the longest break I’ve had since I started quilting, so it was weird – and good –  at the same time I suppose. But I’m eager to get back at it. I spent a couple days in my studio dusting and getting organized.  And to warm up my “quilting chops” I’ve done a couple of my own quilts to get back my rhythm.

While I was “away” my husband and our contractor Rob put down tile in the upper part of my room and it looks fabulous.

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One of my favorite parts is the metal band he attached at the top of the concrete wall (what used to be the outside wall of the house before we added the room). It’s very industrial looking and very cool. I’m keeping the lower portion of the room raw concrete. So all that needs to be done now is paint the walls and stain all the woodwork (and there is plenty of wood…oh my gosh). So it’s a beautiful, happy room to quilt in! I’m one lucky girl!

In the next week I’ll be arranging to pick up quilts if you have one in my queue and I don’t yet have it in my studio. And if you’ve been merrily quilting over the holidays, I’m scheduling quilting work starting in about late-February. I have to finish the many quilts I had in the queue that I didn’t get to before my surgery, and then I can start on any new work that comes in. So give me a call or an email if you have a quilt ready to go.

Happy New Year to all of you! And I hope 2012 is a good quilting year for you!


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  1. Happy New Year Lisa- and welcome back to total wellness ! Glad things are good for you. Nice room you have there.



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