Snow Shoeing and the Junk Monkey

Sounds kind of like a murder mystery, doesn’t it? Fortunately, it isn’t! Just a beautiful trip to Gold Lake Snow Park in the Cascades with my buddies Joyce and Chris. Turns out we weren’t the first ones there. A couple of little birds were quite friendly. All that was needed to temp them into Chris’s hand were a few cracker crumbs!

So after a little tramping around in the snow it was  back to Oakridge for lunch at the pub and some shopping. What? Shopping in Oakridge you say?

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We wanted to check out the new St Vincent de Paul’s shop. It was quite organized and busting at the seams with all manner of things.  I found a hardcover book for only $2.50. And then while heading for coffee (I know what you’re thinking…me? coffee?) to the Trailhead, which we found to be permanently closed (anyone know what happened?), we saw a cute little shop called, “Junk Monkey.” We found another coffee place and then retraced our steps to visit the Junk Monkey. What a find. Filled to the brim with junk, jewelry, artwork…both old and new. Really a fun place. The owner lives in Dexter and his shop used to be in Springfield. He’s right on the highway, so it’s easy to spot. If you haven’t been into Junk Monkey yet, it certainly is worth the experience!


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  1. I wondered what happened to Junk Monkey! I thought it had just gone out of business like so many small stores. What a trip that it’s in Oakridge. Time for a field trip!


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