Work Grinds To A Halt

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Snow. Sleet. Hail. I’m not the post office, so due to the inclement weather, not much quilting got done in the last few days. The power has been off and on for two days now. So Willow our dog had fun, and I got to work on my Doug’s Nuts work, but not much longarm quilting happened. My longarm has some sensitive electronics, and with the power going on and off all day long, I didn’t want to risk frying its brain. Then I’d be out of commission for days; and that just doesn’t work for me. Hey, but the snow sure was pretty! I hope you all stayed indoors and off the roads and got lots of sewing done!

And tomorrow I leave for one of my annual quilt retreats. I actually haven’t been to this one in a few years, so I thought it was time to reconnect with the girls there. So here it is, late in the evening on Thursday night and I’m not even packed yet. And I have to stop by Trader Joes to pick up the dinner I’m cooking on Saturday night. We’re going to have Yum Bowls…so what can I say, but “yum!” So once again, even if the power is on, my longarm won’t be turned on for the next few days. I suppose it deserves a rest too!

Happy quilting!


6 Replies to “Work Grinds To A Halt”

  1. Dogs do love snow. Sackett plays like a puppy again even though he’s 8! Snowball fights, snowmen and warming up by the fire with a mug of something reminds us all of simpler times. Enjoy the silence.


    1. Absolutely correct! I just got back from the retreat and it was wonderful…although too short. Really only had one day of sewing and two days of driving. But it was just what I needed!


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