Another New York Minute Quilt

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This New York Minute was made by Marlene K. And what a beauty, eh? Marlene purchased the fabric kit from Sheila Sinclair Snyder’s (the designer of the pattern) website. I added a bit of whimsical quilting to set off the center star and – wa la! The quilt is finished!

Happy Quilting!

6 thoughts on “Another New York Minute Quilt

  1. Bella says:

    Lisa! Thanks so much for posting this quilt. This one is really about Sheila and you – Sheila did the fabric selection and you did the amazing quilting. The work and detail in the cream fabric sections of the sawtooth star is AMAZING!!


    1. lisa says:

      Have you made one of these yet…they are oh so fast and fun!? Sheila sells the kit on her website at, but of course it’s fun to pick out your own fabrics as well.


  2. Sheila at License to Quilt says:

    Awww! Can’t wait to see Noel (sp?) in her stroller with this one! Sweet feathery quilting!


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