Spring in the Garden

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The iris are blooming, the iris are blooming! Every year we get very excited at our house about the iris. We’ve collected various colors over the years mostly in the black, dark purple, and orange ranges. So this time of year we hope for sunshine and no rain. So when we had the hail storm last week, it shredded some of the irises that had opened. Fortunately for us, spring arrived late this year and the storm came before most of the iris started to bloom, so we only lost a few. The pictures above are the news ones that came out after the hail storm!


11 Replies to “Spring in the Garden”

  1. Those irisis remind me of home – Mum always used to grow them – shame about the hail storm but good thing it didn’t damage too many – yr garden would look beautiful at this time of year …


  2. Wow! You are one great photographer! My fav is the purple iris with the orange tongue! Loved the pic of the rain and hail coming off the roof, hope you were inside shooting that and not getting pelted with ice!


    1. Yes, we were definitely inside. It was actually kind of scary because I thought any minute the hail is going to break one of the skylights!


  3. Beautiful Iris’s I really love the dark colors. We missed out on the hail, lucky for us. Hope all is well with you, I have been trying to get started on my quilt for the quilt show, its one of our rowxrow and I don’t know WHAT I am going to do with them, oh my and time is running out. Have a great day and hope to see you sometime.


  4. Such beautiful iris! And those were some pretty big hailstones for this area. No wonder the Iris got shredded. 😦


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