Still Busy Quilting

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Yes I’m still quilting! Just not blogging about it! I’ve been quite busy between getting ready for the Blackberry Jam Quilt Show, my customer’s quilts, my new patterns, and my own quilting (not to mention rowing, gardening, and training the dog!). Somehow posting my blogs and photos got pushed down the list. I know you all know what I’m talking about here!

This quilt is a very special African inspired quilt done by Chris D. She lived in Africa for quite some time, so when she brought this quilt to me to quilt, I knew I had to do something special and fun for her. So there are lots of different quilting motifs and patterns in it…each block is a bit different, all pretty densely quilted. And the words, “Out of Africa” are in the solid block at the bottom. Such fun!

Happy quilting!


10 Replies to “Still Busy Quilting”

  1. Marvelous! job Lisa, it looks great, anxious to see Chris quilt hanging at our show next week. Diane


  2. Lisa, I LOVE the way you quilted Chris’s African quilt. Wonderful!
    From Chris’s sister


  3. Awesome quilt! Great job Chris, and Lisa as usual you havegiven it such character. Love the composition!


  4. I’ve seen the quilt in person and it’s FABULOUS. Congrats to both Chris and Lisa, you both did an amazing job.


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