Colorful Quilt

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This quilt came to me for quilting from Catherine S. She included some fabulous pictures of woven baskets from Africa and a story. She grew up in Africa, so I wanted to make this quilt special for her. So I decided to “go crazy” and really pull out the creative stops (who put those in anyway?). After studying the photos, I was inspired to come up with unique patterns and fun textures that would match the colors of the quilt in their intensity.

I’m so lucky I am a longarm quilter! I love doing this stuff!


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  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for your response…I knew I’d be confusing in my message! I meant for you to click here for the blue/white quilt. I would like to make something similar in a crib size and I like the way the quilting on it differentiates the blocks.


  2. Lisa,

    I really like this quilt and would like to make something similar. It is obviously the quilting that has me hooked (well, the color too). I was wondering how much you would charge to do something similar (not necessarily exactly the same–the borders wouldn’t have to be so intricate for one thing…) on a crib-sized quilt.


    Karen Knerr



  3. The quilting is gorgeous and matches the look and feel of my African baskets. It is the most cheerful, beautiful piece on our wall. Thanks, Lisa, from Catherine S.


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