Wire Jewelry Holder

My crafty friend Mari helped me make this wire jewelry holder, and it’s just the perfect place for my earrings! And a big thank you to her hubby Ken who cleaned his shop so we two of the female persuasion could enter (without running screaming from the room!) and create at his workbench, around which were gathered an array of tools for construction – and destruction I suppose. Mari and I used them for the former, of course!

But first she made coffee (like all smart and clever women do) before we headed down to the shop. The beads I brought with me to use on the wire were too small; and in the end, I don’t think it needed any more embellishments anyway. The twists and turns of the wire have their own beauty. But one could add some found materials and beads if the holes were large enough for the wire to pass through. Through Mari’s expert guidance (and patience with the student!), we measured (not too much!), cut, twisted and then shaped various lengths of wire…and this beautiful wire creation was born! It looked a lot like the one she had created….hey….copying is the sincerest form of flattery, right? It was a fun project, and Mari made it even more fun as we laughed our way through the morning! Thanks Mari!

And now….back into the longarm studio!


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