Christmas Tree

Towerhouse Christmas Tree 2012 Am I too late to talk about my Christmas tree? Hope not! Here it is in all it’s almost twenty feet of glory! Kind of a Charlie Brown/Grinch/Towerhouse type of tree, right? It took every ornament I had and I still had room for more. In case you were wondering, it’s a live tree, and it is now happily planted in our backyard. For many years that’s all we’ve had. It is fun to see the previous years trees out in the yard where they are growing big and strong for future generations to enjoy.



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  1. A more beautiful tree in person with two long arms/ branches that would wrap around you in a big hug if they could! Loved it!


    1. Thanks! It was fun to have a tree this year since last year we didn’t. And I love live trees because then I can visit them throughout the year!


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