Monster Making Class

Gosh, who wouldn’t want to make a monster, right? So we did! A bunch of girlfriends and I went to a monster making class at ClaySpace here in Eugene and it was a hoot. Seriously! Hooting, hollering, laughter, giggles, smart-alec remarks (mostly from the instructor!), muttering under our breath….just check all of the above. And to make matters even funnier, we had to do this in about an hour. An hour sounds like a lot of time, right? Nope. Not when you’re making monsters! We had to move along in the process with lightening speed and no-thinking was the motto of the day. Turns out if you think too much, you try too hard. And trying too hard doesn’t yield a crazy good monster! Who knew? The results are amazing….but you be the judge.

Monster Making Class at Clay Space 2012

This one is mine! I haven’t figured out his name yet.

Monster Making Class at Clay Space 2012

And these are some of his buddies! Scary, eh?

I highly recommend taking this class. These photos are of the raw clay monsters. The instructor will then fire, glaze, and re-fire the monsters and then give us a call to pick them up (adopt them?). All for only $20. I just don’t think you can have this much fun anywhere else for so little money. Run, don’t walk to your phone and sign up for the Monster Making class today! (And no, I don’t get a sales commission.)

More photos will be posted once my Monster comes home. Hopefully he will survive the firing process!

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