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Dot to Dot Quilt in Generation Q MarchApril 2013
dototdotquilt2-274x300I’m so excited to have one of my quilts on the Generation Q blog! This is my Dot to Dot Quilt and is done with lots of springy-colored dots of all shapes and sizes. And what’s not to like about the sky blue background….yummy! (Hey, is that the sun peeking out through the clouds?) So many dots auditioned for this quilt, and there was a danger that they wouldn’t all be included, so there are dots at the ends of each row as well. My friend, Sheila Sinclair Snyder, suggested I add these end-dots (as I nicknamed them) and I think the end result is absolutely dotty.

Sign up for Generation Q’s blog and order a subscription to their magazine. It’s full of fresh ideas and I absolutely love it! And they’ve posted the Dot to Dot quilt pattern on their site so you can make one. So hopefully you will dive into your stashes and start making one right now….no really…, don’t walk to your quilting studio! Dotted fabrics will be flying off the shelf in no time.

I also made this quilt in red and taupe colors (yeah, I used dots – duh!) which I will show you (tease!) in a couple of weeks.

And because there were fabrics leftover from the quilt project, I used the leftovers to make an apron. Who knew aprons could be so fun? Stay tuned for more about that in my next post….

Happy quilting!


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