Dot to Dot Quilt – Another Color

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When I first designed the Dot to Dot Quilt, I made it in these red and taupe colors. I’ve been drawn to the taupe color for quite some time, and this seemed like just the perfect place to use such a color because it would nicely show my longarm quilting and be a fabulous base for the crazy strips of dots! The dots at the end of each row were hand-appliqued….yep, you read that right. Not my strong suit, but I muddled through. And I do love they way they look.

Then of course I had to do some crazy fun quilting on it. So I chose modern feathers and stitched them in down each of the solid rows. On the dotted fabrics I used straight lines and mirrored the angles at the end of each row.

I sent a photo off to Generation Q Magazine and they said they loved it, but wanted it in spring colors to add it to their Spring Edition. So off I went to the fabric store to buy more fabric (darn). It’s hard to find certain colors when you are actually under a deadline. That was my big discovery! But I found what I needed, and added a few more from my stash and it all came together. Phew! And now I have two of these fabulous quilts….that couldn’t be bad, right?

Happy Quilting!


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