Chocolate for Easter?

Well of course you need chocolate for Easter, right? Chocolate for you.

Chocolate Decandence

Chocolate for your family. Chocolate for your friends. And one of the best places to get chocolate is Chocolate Decadence in Eugene, Oregon. I was over at their factory on Monday chatting with Larry, the owner, who is a fabulous and hard-working guy. He has some beautiful chocolate bunnies for Easter. He has an assortment of chocolate bars for all year round with colorful labels. And he has some cute chocolate mustaches that he said are all the rage for the younger set (don’t really know why, and neither dies he, but they are).

If you live in Eugene, you can stop by the factory store at 1050 Bethel Drive. If you don’t live in Eugene, not to worry because they will ship you chocolate. Who knew? (Well, I did!)

So don’t wait…get some today!


And in case you were wondering, chocolate makes quilting go faster and easier!


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  1. On Valentines Day Cascade Title Company brought our real estate company some chocolate hearts from Chocolate Decadence. It was dark chocolate and milk-free and FABULOUS…some of the best chocolate I’ve eaten in a long time.


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