More Quilting Designs

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I’m back at my machine and quilting up a storm! I’ve come up with a new overall quilting design which I call “Peacock.” It’s mostly swirly but with some longer curves. It makes a really nice texture and can be done big or small. It’s really fun to do, and flow really well out of my brain! Two of the photos above have the Peacock quilting, and the green one has the “Curls” overall design. My brain also loves that one!

Of course that’s in-between working at Doug’s Nuts (haven’t “liked” us yet on Facebook – we can always use more likes! As a matter of fact, that is my goal this month…just saying!), coordinating the annual Covered Bridge Regatta, creating fun projects with Sheila Sinclair Snyder, updating my website along with the OAR website, preparing another quilt to go to a magazine (coming out this fall),creating a custom commissioned quilt for my friends Jon and Kathy, and motivating the Pine Needlers towards their goal of our annual quilt show in July. Spare time? Ha! If I did, I could certainly fill it with dog training, gardening, rowing, or making caramel – my new “gotta master this recipe” challenge. No wonder the days go by pretty fast!

Happy quilting!


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