Potato Doughnuts

Potato Donutsby Lisa Bee-Wilson

I start each year out with the idea that I will master one food. I fell in love with the potato doughnuts from Hideaway Bakery in Eugene, and thought that would be a good example of a perfect style of doughnut to achieve. Well in my diligent way I started in, made my first batch….and oops! They came out perfect. Mission accomplished! And then of course when I saw all the oil I had to use for frying, I figured this would be a recipe I would make only once in a while! (Not like the BBQ Pizza I was cranking out every few weeks two summers ago!) So I checked that off my list.

Now I’m on to caramel……but more on that later!

Shouldn’t you be getting back to your quilting?


7 Replies to “Potato Doughnuts”

  1. Those look incredible! Where did you find the recipe? Web? Favorite cookbook? Media? How are the potatoes incorporated? Mashed? Other?
    Yum! These are going on my list to request for my next visit.


    1. Not anytime soon I’m afraid. The amount of oil scared me off! But I do love them, so perhaps on special odd days…!!!


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