Talking about Garden Gradation Quilt

Brandon Mably

kaffe fasset

It’s the little things in life. I wrote to Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably to tell them about the Garden Gradation quilt I made with their fabrics. They wrote back and said, “Wow – you could take a spoon and dig into it. Its like a fabulous Dessert. Well done.”

I love that! I immediately wrote them back and told them I was feeling like I should make some chocolate mousse. It’s so cool to know that there are REAL people out there at some of these big, famous companies. And many of us like dessert! Oh….and quilts!

Happy quilting!


8 Replies to “Talking about Garden Gradation Quilt”

    1. Well it is so fun to use their fabrics because they are quite spectacular. Someday I’d like to meet them in person!


  1. What a great compliment! The quilt IS fabulous! I would definitely not miss one of your desserts!


    1. I was pretty darned excited to hear from them I must say! I didn’t end up making chocolate mousse, but I did take home a lot of leftover chocolate birthday cake from the Pine Needlers!


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