Barber Pole Table Runner Completed!

I I finished it! And other than the fact that I didn’t make a bias binding, and it drove me nuts going around the inside “crevices,” I think it turned out pretty well. Steam is our friend, ladies!

Let that be a lesson. When I made the binding, using my very cool binding-making tool (click on link below image to purchase one!), I cut the strips on the straight of grain to make the binding. This was WRONG! I should have cut the strips on the bias and that would have made it easier. Duh. Up to this point I haven’t done a lot of bias bindings because I’m usually doing straight edge type of work. When I first started sewing I made all my bindings on the bias, but then quickly when to the straight edge type because they were easier to cut out. But now that I’m getting into different projects, I will now remember to use a bias binding instead. Can I just say “Duh!” again?

Bias tape maker

Clover Fusible Bias 1/2-Inch Tape Maker, 1 EA

The good news is that the table runner turned out fun, and it’s even reversible as you can see from the photos. It’s pretty whimsical because I chose dot fabrics (I’ve decided this is my new trademark!) and to only put pom-poms on the outside points and along the edge. Another intended design element, you say? Nope. Another mistake! I only purchased 4 yards of pom-poms and it wasn’t quite enough. But out of this “mistake” came a different interpretation and I love it! So chalk one up to the design mistake gods!

I will definitely make this table runner again because I love the way the strips are sewn together. If I’m in a hurry, I might just cut off the points and make the piece a rectangle….a traditional barber pole design….and a lot easier to bind!

Download the free pattern now! Really, it is pretty fun!

Happy quilting!


6 Replies to “Barber Pole Table Runner Completed!”

  1. So cute! The pom-poms on the points make me think of Jester hats!–but then you ARE the comedian in the group!


  2. I love just putting the Pom poms on the points. Did you do that by hand? I could see this In Christmas fabric



    1. Yes, Christmas fabrics! Lovely idea! I cut the pom-poms off the roll/webbing they were on and sewed them in as I put the binding on. It was tricky sewing just the one on the edges because I needed to make sure I caught the little strings in good and tight. I purchased washable pom-poms so that I could really “use and abuse” my table runner (because nothing in my house stays clean!). Good luck….I hope you make one and I hope I get to see it!


  3. Love the dots… Confucius say… necessity is the mother of invention! =)
    Great job.


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