Quilt Market Here I Come!

I’m so excited! I’m headed to my very first Quilt Market today! I’m going with Sheila Sinclair Snyder and I think we are going to have tons of fun. Can you say ROAD TRIP! I hear there will be too much to see, and I suspect it will be overwhelming…in a good way!

I’m hoping to see my buddies at Generation Q Magazine in person! That will be fun. And who knows what else awaits there? Fabrics and quilts and tools….oh NO! Below is just a sample of what the Generation Q folks are giving away!


It will be a whirlwind day, and the very next day I leave on a Quilt Retreat, so I won’t be able to post about it until I return. So you’ll just have to wait to hear all about it! (But gosh, I’m sure you have plenty of things to do between now and then, right?)

Happy Quilting!


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