Block Builder Runner Up from Generation Q Magazine!

This just in from the Generation Q peeps! I’m so excited! Here is what they said about my entry:

In every issue of Generation Q we present you with a new “starter” block in our Block Builder Challenge. And we ask you to take some time to play with the creative side of your brain to “finish” a block concept from that point. In our June-July 2013 issue, we gave you this block to play with:

Our starter block in our Winter 2012 issue.

We had SO MANY great entries that it was hard to pick just the top five.  We managed, though, and  you can see those winners in our just-released June/July 2013 issue.  However, we just had to share these “runners-up” to whet your appetite for more.

Lisa Bee-Wilson of  Towerhouse Quilts, Lowell, Oregon came up with this block. We love the cool, modern palette with the strong graphic. A mix of subtle and strong all wrapped up in one.

Lisa Bee-Wilson’s “ZAP” Block

Lisa says,  “I call it “Zap!” because it just zapped into my consciousness one afternoon. I think I might even make it into one big quilt….there would be lots of room to play with longarm quilting designs.


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    1. Thanks Teri! It was fun to challenge myself in this design way….you should give it a try. Or would everything come out as a churn dash? Ha! 🙂


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