Check out this website. It’s a new creation from  at Better Homes and Gardens (the people who bring American Patchwork & Quilting to you). Here’s what the folks at Moda had to say about it:

“The learning, and the fun, is enhanced by patterns and tutorials for sewing projects for gifts, accessories, and home décor items. In the process of creating pillows, potholders, and pouches, newbies learn skills that will last a lifetime. “Sewing isn’t in many school curriculums anymore and we see lots of people teaching themselves,” says Jill. “When they get into a jam, they go to the Internet, and we want to be their go-to source for both learning basic skills and improving upon them.”


I do a lot of quilting, but not a lot of crafty things, so I’m always looking at projects and techniques to improve my knowledge base and use different threads, materials, and the like. So the information and projects on this website are on my “go to” rainy day list to check out when I have spare time. (Huh?)

So check it out and enjoy your day! It’s a beautiful day here in Oregon!


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