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Towerhouse Thread Bowls (2)

As a longarmer I use lots of thread. I save all the snippets from each customer quilt I work on, and it adds up over time. I sure do hate waste, so I started making thread bowls. There are lots of good tutorials out there on how to do this, but I’ve created a Kit for your thread-bowl-making fun.

The Kit includes the instructions, the water-soluable stabilizer, and the thread to make a small bowl. I have lots of thread color options, so when you order your Kit, just tell me what color bowl you are looking to make. I also have multi-color thread Kits available too. I’ll ship it out and you too can have some thread bowl fun! Just go over to my “Shop” page and you can purchase one via PayPal.

Happy crafting!


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  1. Hi Lisa

    I have a 69″ by 86″ quilt top ready to quilt. I would also like a thread bowl kit, maybe red or purple. doesn’t matter. Just sounds like a fun project to try. Could pick it up when I drop off the quilt. Whenever is convenient for you is fine.

    Shirley Dilley


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