Creativity Runs Rampant

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Even though painting is not my forte, in the name of new experiences – well, that and, I succumbed to peer pressure from my creative and talented friends….I signed up for my first ever painting session at Vino & Vango. And I’m glad I did! Not because I learned that I am a talented painter (because I’m not), but because it was so much fun to work in a different medium and to hang out with the girls! There were wine and snacks and lots of laughter. Everyone’s painting came out great, and although there were various interpretations, that’s what made it so spectacularly fun.

Vino & Vango is a creative outfit in Springfield, Oregon that does painting parties. You can book a room for your group, or you can drop-in on one of their open painting sessions. They provide everything…canvas, paint, brushes, aprons. All you have to do is show up with an open attitude with laughter at the ready!

As a matter of fact, I liked it so much I’ve already booked my next painting event. I’m going to go during the Greenhill fundraiser and attempt to paint my dog, Willow. Ha! This should be interesting. If you want to paint your dog (cat people are allowed in too!), sign up for the July 11th event!


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  1. What fun. Your coffee cup is great and I’m sure your Willow will be wonderful. Have fun expanding your horizons.


  2. What an evening it was! Thanks for posting this progression of pics! It’s fun to see how it evolved!


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