FREE Picnic Napkin Pattern

Towerhouse Quilts Picnicl NapkinThis is a great summer project from the brains of Sheila Sinclair Snyder and I: quick, easy, fun. So you won’t have to spend too much time indoors to get it done. And it doesn’t use much fabric so you can grab what you need from your stash. With just a couple of fat quarters plus a little extra for the pocket and tie, you will be on your way to making this cool napkin pattern. Get crazy with this because, after all, it is a napkin. Actually the more colorful and vibrant the prints, the less you will see the chocolate, red wine, and olive oil stains! Oops. Guess you know what I’ve been eating! So click on the free pattern download and make one today!

Picnic Napkin Pattern

And head over to Sheila’s blog and see which napkins she made! Happy quilting!PUrple Thang

And if you need the Purple Thang I talk about in the pattern instructions, you can find it at one of your local quilt shops, or buy it now by clicking on the link below which will take you to

That Purple Thang


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  1. Lisa, I left you a comment on your site, but not sure it recorded! I tried to download the pattern, but only the second page printed…started with “Make Pocket” and ended with your contact info. I will bring fabric and my thang if I can find it to PN.  Everyone is gone now and I am loving the quiet … well, the septic guy is here pumping! Are you getting caught up?



    1. Yes getting caught up! Slowly but surely. Your other comment did post. Perhaps it takes a few minutes after you enter it? Anyway, I will print one out for you!


  2. Lisa, I am so excited to make this! I tried to download the pattern, but only the second page appears…starts with “Make Pocket” and ends with your contact info! I will bring fabric and my purple thang (if I can find it!) to PN!


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