Vino & Vango Dog Painting Party

Official Beach Dog Class Photo

Vino & Vango in Springfield sponsored an evening of painting your dog (or your cat if you are of that persuasion) and here is our class portrait. That’s me with the Alaskan Malamute in the back. Amazing how the dogs turned out! All of them looked really good! This was a fundraiser for Greenhill, so there were a couple of Greenhill folks there with dogs ready for adoption. All in all it was a really fun evening. (And a good deal of the thanks goes out to Wanda who bought me dinner and a beer right before the event! Thanks Wanda! I’m pretty sure that beer really loosened up the ‘ol paintbrush!)


5 Replies to “Vino & Vango Dog Painting Party”

  1. From what I can see, all the dogs look amazing! This must be a really good class/activity. I don’t know that I could do my cat(s).


    1. Yes you could! Yes you could! It’s amazing how good their staff is at helping you through the process…one paint stroke at a time. They break it down and before you know, you have a painting that kind of looks like something you recognize. Really! I’m NOT a painter…I do stick figures!


    1. Nope. They took two pictures: the group with the dogs on the beach and the group with their dogs on the couch….you would have fit right in there!


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