New Book from Kaffe Fasset

Maybe it’s not new to you, but it is to me! I just discovered Kaffe’s new book, SHOTS & STRIPES,” while cruising the internet. The book came out in February of this year, which really makes it still pretty new in my opinion.  I guess I really should spend more time in cyberspace (or possibly hyperspace)!

I love solids – or in this case shot cottons – and stripes. I’ve been on a dotty kick of late, but stripes are not far behind. So if you already have this book, good for you! I’m jealous. It’s on my wish list.

But if you don’t have it yet, just click on the image above and you will be taken (of your own free will) to where it is available for purchase. Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t shop at Amazon? Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

But wait! You need to get back to quilting, and so do I.

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