Blackberry Jam 2014 Raffle Quilt

2014 raffle quilt top It has begun! The Pine Needler’s 2014 raffle quilt top was sewn together yesterday. We started mid-morning and by 4:30 pm the remaining intrepid quilting warriors finished this beauty up. And what a spectacular piece of art it is!

2014 raffle quilt making

This quilt is based on an antique quilt I discovered on Tonya Ricucci’s blog Lazy Gal Quilting. She in turn had seen it on a blogpost by Lucy (from the Netherlands) called Quilting with the Past. After seeing this antique quilt I fell in love with it, because I too, am a scrap quilter at heart. So I started working on my own version in blue, teal, purple, green.

Lego Quilt by Lisa Bee-Wilson at Towerhouse Quilts

After seeing how fun it was to put together because you could use the tiniest pieces from your stash, I presented it to the Pine Needlers to see if it fit the criteria for our annual raffle quilt. It did. I fully admit there were strong-armed tactics on my part, but the fact that I am so bold as to push my idea forward, because it fit all the criteria, and the lack of other design nominations, the group selected it for the raffle quilt. Yep. Sounds like me, right?

And I think the girls were a bit skeptical at first about how it would look. But we sewed it together and WOW, it was a crowd pleaser. It has a modern feel, but also obviously takes a nod to the past. Modern quilts don’t always have so many pieces! There are thousands of pieces in this baby!

I’m hoping it will be a big ticket seller because it is so unusual and spectacular. So different than most other raffle quilts. Stay tuned because by January we should be selling tickets. And you WILL want some!

As soon as I receive the backing fabric from the team, I’ll be doing the quilting! Any suggestions?

Happy quilting!

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