Coconut Beach Crunch

Doug's Nuts Coconut Beach CrunchWhat does Coconut Beach Crunch have to do with quilting? Well it’s a great snack to munch on when you are in the throws of creativity and you don’t have time to head to the kitchen. Duh!

But seriously, Coconut Beach Crunch is the newest product from Doug’s Nuts (of which for those of you who don’t know, is another one of my entrepreneurial adventures!) I work with Doug and Kari in my “spare” time and help out where I can. Right now I’m the website/marketing/social media person. But I’m a wicked good delivery girl as well! And boy can I do collections! Oh and did I mention “art projects?” Doug is always going on and on about art projects…..he loves them so.

But again, seriously, (or as my friend Chris would say, “theriousy,”) you really have to get yourself some Doug’s Nuts. If you live in the Eugene area, it’s pretty easy…..we are everywhere! And we’re at the Eugene Holiday Market this coming weekend December 14-15 ONLY. A limited appearance you might say! If you are not in the Eugene area, you can simply order them from the website. Click, click….and then our nuts will be on their way to you. Simple!

This commercial break is now over and you can get back to your regularly schedule quilting time. You did order the nuts, right? (You can’t collect $200 if you don’t pass GO!) Remember….click, click, click!

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