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Craftsy class Simple Fresh Quilts by Joanna FigueroaIn recent years I’ve learned the value of classes. You can learn a new technique (instead of struggling trying to figure it out yourself….. like I’ve done for years! Duh!), get inspired, or just jump out of your box. And now, of course, like everything else, teaching has gone online. has done a wonderful job creating instructive videos and tools to help you learn. I took a class from them a couple years ago and got hooked on the platform. So if you haven’t been to yet, check it out today.

This is NOT a replacement for taking quilting classes at your local quilt shops. Taking a class in person is just the best! But sometimes a technique is not offered in your local area, or you are inspired by something you see online and no one is teaching that locally. So there is a place for both (at least in my world!). If you feel you can learn from watching videos, then might be the thing for you. You can watch the videos over and over and the information is always there for you.

I’ve been inspired by antique quilts for years and am in the process of remaking some of them with modern fabrics. Then I spied this class from Joanna Figueroa and, well, since she is WAY ahead of me in this regard, this might be a good class to try out if antique quilts inspire you too. Her class is called Simple Fresh Quilts on

So from time to time when I spot fun quiltling classes (but they are all fun, right?), I’ll bring them to you on my blog. Happy quilting!

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