Pithy Saying

choc first sayingI don’t often quote myself (seriously, who would….unless you talk about yourself in the 3rd person like a basketball star), but I came up with this little ditty the other day while talking with a good friend about vacations. She had missed several planned vacation opportunities due to weather and bad luck over the past few weeks. So I said, (and yes, I quote)……wait for it……..

“Treat LIFE like a vacation and you won’t miss a single minute!”

Pretty good, right?  Now get out there and enjoy your day! (Oh, and yes, you can quote me on that! Ha!)

Happy Quilting!


5 Replies to “Pithy Saying”

  1. There’s a restaurant/bakery in Seattle which has this motto: Life is Uncertain. Eat dessert first.
    My other fav: Did you know that Desserts is Stressed spelled backwards?


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