Willamette Cascade Foothills Community Project

Since Fall 2013 I have been volunteering at the Ford Family Leadership Training Program. It’s about community building and social capital. And since YOU are my social capital, I thought I would ask your help to spread the word about our project.

Each group completes a project in their community. And by “community” I am referring to the communities of Fall Creek, Lowell, Jasper, Dexter and Pleasant Hill. We decided that our project is going to be a Par Course at the Pleasant Hill School track area. So that is what we are building and we could use your help!

Check out our Bridging Communities Par Course blog. Perhaps you can donate some money to the effort? Or perhaps you can help us spread the word and tell all your friends about the project. Or maybe you have some in-kind donation we could use like bark. Or maybe you want to get your shovel and come on down and help us physically build this thing! Six degrees of separation, right?

Follow the blog and you will be kept up to date on how the project is progressing. Everyone in the program is a volunteer and so your support – both emotionally and physically and financially – is much appreciated!

And speaking of community, another website that has been created is our Willamette Cascade Foothills Community blog. Stay up to date on community events, information, fundraisers and the like.  It’s a building process, so over time we will post more and more information on this website. Follow this blog too and get updates on what’s happening in your local community.

Thank you!

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