Quilt Sticks – A Quilter’s Must Have!

Quilt Sticks 007I just learned of these Quilt Sticks and I have to say I’m hooked. They make cutting strips oh so easy! What are they you ask? Nifty. Clever. Affordable. Good!

Basically Quilt Sticks are rulers which you can use to cut strips of varying widths. Each Stick is a different width; for example, they start at 1″ wide and you can get them all the way up to 8″ wide. All of the Quilt Sticks are 24″ long which makes it great for cutting the width of your fabric folded in half. They make strip cutting easy and fast and accurate. Let me repeat….accurate!Quilt Sticks 008 And because I’m a scrap quilter, I am enjoying picking up a Stick and diving into my scrap bin to create strips. Easy!

The rulers are made of a material that is “grippy” (a technical term in my world) on the back and smooth-ish (yep, another technical term) on the front. My rotary cutter works with these just as it does on my plastic template ruler. Yes, you could gouge into the side of these rulers, but I’ve done that on my plastic ones as well. And they have neat little holes so you can hang them if that’s your thing. Again, the Quilt Stick people have made it easy for us!Quilt Sticks 004

I found that using these Sticks was much easier than using my plastic template rulers because they gripped better and I didn’t have to worry about lining up the lines on the ruler to get the correct cut. There have been moments, I hate to admit, where my mind wandered and I cut the wrong size strip! Has that EVER happened to you? Momentary loss of concentration? Well, with these, as long as you pick up the correct size of Stick, you’re good to go…..zone out as much as you like! (Well, for safety reasons, that might not be a good idea….remember, you DO have a sharp rotary cutter in your hand.)Quilt Sticks 005

The Quilt Stick people have a great story to tell about how the product came to be. Real people solving real problems, and you just have to support that. They are based in Minnesota, so give them a call at 612-916-1171 or email them. Be sure to check out their website and place your order today!Quilt Sticks 006

And if you are a Facebook fanatic, LIKE them on their Facebook page and forever be connected!

Small Print: I received samples of their product in order for me to write this review. No money changed hands! These are my words, my opinion, my review of their product.


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