Towerhouse Quilts Fabric Giveaway Ending Soon

This contest ends June 6, 2014, and that’s not far away, so enter today! Right now would be good. You need more fabric, right?

Radiant Hunter Green Fabric

It’s Spring and to me that means green. Green grass, green trees, green leaves sprouting up, green weeds (yeah, that happens too), even green flowers (I planted some green colored gladiolus this year and can’t wait for them to bloom).

So I’m giving away one 23 1/2″ panel of this Radiant Hunter Green Fabric by Blank Quilting. To enter simply go to the Rafflecopter link below and you will have options….it’s always good to have options….on how many ways you can enter.

The contest ends June 6, 2014, so enter today.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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