Challenge Fabric Table Runner

Using the challenge fabric from the 2014 Pine Needlers Fabric Challenge, (the results of which will be displayed at the annual Blackberry Jam Quilt Show in July), Virginia G. made this fabulous table runner. The challenge fabric is the paisley fabric, and Virginia added the cream and the red fabrics in with great results. I knew she was going to use it as a counter top quilt for potlucks (it’s 82″ long!) so I decided it would look good with some fairly tight quilting, throwing in some straight lines to offset the whimsical paisley quilting. Yep, paisley quilting to go with the paisley fabric! It just keeps getting better and better…..doesn’t it?

Challenge yourself and made a table runner today! Happy quilting!


4 Replies to “Challenge Fabric Table Runner”

  1. Fabulous job of quilting, it looks wonderful – can’t wait to see it in person but will have to wait until I return to Oregon.


    1. It will be here safe and sound awaiting your return. I am gone until July 1, but Neil will be here if you want to pick it up before then.


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