Where am I?

Nancy and Lisa CBR 2012In California!

Today I’m rowing with the River City Women’s Crew Team. They start at 5 am….yep, that’s early for this late-sleeping Oregon girl. But I make exceptions when the need arises. Nancy, a former high school teammate, rows for River City and we’ve re-connected in recent years. This will be my first time rowing with their team at their regular practice. Should be pretty darn fun! And their coach, Raul, is a hoot.

So by the time you get out of bed and read this, I’ll be heading to the showers, and then to a great cup of coffee somewhere in downtown Sacramento.

Happy quilting (or whatever you are doing today)!



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  1. I’m sure that Raul and the RCRC ladies saw what a great rower you are and now we’ll never get you back!


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