NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg’s Quilt Block Challenge

Astronomical Quilts! Block Challenge

My friend Carol V. told me about this unique call for Star Blocks. I think it is a fun was to support the space effort from the ground! So check it out and if you have time to make a star block before August, jump in and do it. We can’t all get up in space (I’m a Star Trek fan!) but we can all make one star quilt block. Here is some information about the challenge from the Quilts, Inc. website:

Karen Nyberg AstronautWhile on board the International Space Station, Nyberg created a star-themed quilt block that will be returning to earth with her. Her block will be combined with other blocks submitted by quilters to create a quilt that will be displayed at the 2014 International Quilt Festival in Houston. (See a video of Nyberg–with her block–on board the ISS!)

How can you be a part of this exciting project? Submit your own star-themed block!

The details:

  1. Create a star-themed 9.5”-square unfinished block (so that when quilted, it will be a 9” finished block).
  2. The theme should be any variation on a star. We welcome all types—traditional, modern, and artsy variations. Limit one block per person.
  3. Use any color scheme and techniques you would like, but please do not use any embellishments.
  4. Sign your unfinished block on the font with a permanent marker. Please include your name and your location.
  5. Mail your block to us at the address below by August 1, 2014.
  • Star Block Challenge
    Attn: Rhianna Griffin
    7660 Woodway, Ste. 550
    Houston, TX 77063

Download a PDF of the Astronomical Quilts! Block Challenge rules and details

Happy quilting! And if you DO decide to submit a block, send me a photo and I’ll post it here!


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  1. Thanks Lisa for this info. I may just try to get one done. Great You Tube of Karen. I’m impressed with her block. Great idea. I’m also a “Treckie”. Teri


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