Longarm Quilting Design for Bonny

Sometimes a quilt calls out for something a little special. This round-robin quilt made by Bonny E. and the Pine Needlers is just such a quilt. My longarm machine was quite happily running to and fro on this beauty, adding detail and interest wherever possible. Bonny is an amazing lady. She has taken everything that life has thrown at her with grace, intelligence and humor.

This one’s for you Bonny!


4 Replies to “Longarm Quilting Design for Bonny”

  1. This is a beautiful quilt. The piecing design is wonderful. The quilting is outstanding. Bonny and her family are in aw of how beautiful it turned out. Beautiful job ladies. Lisa another one to be very proud of. Teri


  2. Beautiful colors and pattern and awesome quilting for a truly special woman… Amazing job, Lisa. Thank you.


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