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Art Under Glass PendantFun Pendants made by Art Under Glass

I have several favorite Etsy shops and Art Under Glass is one of them.

You may remember last year I purchased several of these pendants for girlfriends, and now I’ve found this one which is perfect for my Halloween festivities. I think it will go nicely with my “Wicked Witch” costume, don’t you think?

Becky’s pendants are well made and beautiful and very reasonable priced. If you’re like me, you’ll want several because….well, because it’s fun. And she will make custom sayings for you (which I’ve done several times)….so you can get exactly what you want. So great! Support an American craftswoman!

Happy quilting….and prepping for Halloween!


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  1. Hi Lisa,These are cool pendants.  Thanks.Your party sounds like fun.  Unfortunately I am committed to helping with a trunk show for the friend who has been working in my studio once a week on that same night.  Thanks for thinking of us and I hope you have a wickedly fun time.I have a favor to ask.  I know I told you that I don’t want the trimmings from quilt batting.  Well, now I do.  I need four pieces about 4 feet by 4 inches. I’m going to make a satin binding for a baby blanket I’m knitting and need some “stuffing”.  If you’ve gotten rid of it, no worries, I can find it elsewhere.I’m heading to the east coast on Sunday to visit my mother for a week.  It will be a big change of weather!See you soon,


    1. Hey Kathy – Will miss you at the party….but we’ll see you in November for the open house! I have plenty of batting. I’ll email you offline……


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