Hiking on the Rogue River

Recently I hiked the Rogue River Trail with my hubby and some friends. It was amazing! Four days, forty + miles. It was pretty much “glam hiking” as we stayed in lodges each night and they cooked for us. So all we had to do was carry our clothes, some food and snacks, and anything else we wanted. No tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, etc….you know, all the heavy stuff. My pack was about 15 pounds (possibly more on the first day as I packed in a platypus of red wine!).

We did the “unsupported” hike and fortunately for us no support was needed. The trail was mostly about half way up the side of the hills looking down at the river most of the time. There were a few dicey parts of the trail that had slid down the hill (!) but it was all doable. And I’m afraid of heights, but it was no huge deal. Just took some extra concentration in parts! The weather was pretty toasty to start (about 85 degrees) but by the fourth day we got a sprinkle or two, and it clouded over, so we got a fabulous cool day for most of the last day of hiking.

And so now my hubby and I are joking that we are walking distance to Eugene…..!

And now it’s back to work……(not so bad really)!


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