My Pup Turns 4 Years Old

Where does the time go? My “little” girl (she’s 82 lbs)  turned four years old on December 1st. So what does any self-respecting doggie parent do? Well, go down to the local pet store (Wags! is a fabulous one here in Eugene!) and buy a birthday cake, of course. Duh.

So here she is….you can kind of feel what she must be thinking in these photos…..! But I’ve captioned them for you just in case you can’t imagine.

I am looking forward to another crazy fun year with her as part of our pack! She certainly keeps us on our toes.


7 Replies to “My Pup Turns 4 Years Old”

  1. Our dogs get the same cake (ok, maybe not exactly), every year on their birthday. But they get served at the table




    1. If we allowed that, first she would be at the table every night for dinner, and then she would be inviting her dog buddies over for cards and cigars.


  2. Well, you know how kids are, they push the limits with parents, and are sweet with friends. Either way she’s wonderful. Teri


  3. Wow….4 all ready. I remember when you brought her home. Sweet girl, she always meets be at the door. Happy Birthday Willow.


    1. Not sure “sweet” is exactly in her nature, but confident, bold, and she is a girl who knows what she wants (and isn’t afraid to tell you). Ha!


    1. Thank you! She misses her pack leader Sackett a great deal. He was the only one who could keep her in line….with just a look.


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